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Wedding Cars: Choosing the Right One

Wedding Cars: Choosing the Right One

Posted by WeddingPhilippines on March 05, 2015
Category: Wedding Ideas

Would-be brides dream of being swept away in a car, as silver as the moon, by their knight in shining armor on the day of their wedding. You'd always see it in magazines and in the movies: Blushing brides driving off with their newly wedded husband in a beautiful classic Rolls Royce in white and powder blue, ready to face the future together.


Planning to get wed soon? One of the key decisions you need to make in the whole exciting process of planning is the type of bridal car to use. Have you decided what car you'll be riding off into the sunset in? If you haven't yet, we know exactly how to help! Preparing for a wedding means you have to get things ready in advance—and what better time to prepare than now, before the wedding season starts?


Buying vs Renting a Wedding Car

Now, you can either buy a new car for your wedding, but that's expensive! There are services where you can rent out a car for your wedding service. Of course, that's also going to be pricey. A lot of car rental companies in the Philippines offer bridal car services, and they have catalogs of cars you can choose from: from classic, retro cars, to modern sports cars. Remember, don’t look at the brand! Look for reliability and comfort, and a car that suits your wedding.


But some of you might think that renting a car might not be very practical, and opt to buy a car of your own that you can use in the future. Going this route means that you'll have a shared investment with your spouse-to-be before the wedding. You might want to buy a car that's both wedding-compatible, and family-friendly.


Decide on Your Budget

Now, to help you decide whether you want to buy or rent, think of how much you're willing to spend. While renting is not cheap, buying a car is more expensive, but it’s a life-long investment. Of course, with the wedding expenses, you might not have enough to allocate for buying a car, so renting is the next best thing.


Space and Comfort

Before buying or renting that bridal car, make sure that the car will have enough space to fit the bride in—and her dress! Your bride might even want to have her entourage ride with her to the church, so you might want to consider renting a limousine instead. Don't forget to inspect the car, as well! Make sure the car you're renting (or buying!) is clean, inside and out. You wouldn't want your bride riding her bridal car when it smells like rotten eggs and the seats are like sloppy sponges, right?


Check the Weather

Wedding season falls in June, and June is a very inconsistent month when it comes to sunshine and rainbows! Sometimes, you'll get rain all day. In this case, don't sacrifice comfort for style! Avoid the open-top car, or a convertible so your lovely bride will remain dry and pretty in the car.


Have a Plan B

Always have a Plan B! Back-up plans ensure that, if anything goes wrong, the show can go on! For example, the rental car breaks down on the way to the church (make sure you signed up at a bridal car rental that has their cars insured on trusted car insurance companies).


With a contingency plan, you ensure that your Big Day goes smoothly. It could either be your father’s old car, or a friend’s—he’s your best man for a reason, right? Just make sure they’ve cleaned up their car inside and out! You could also ask the car rental company about their car insurance policy in case something like this happens. 



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