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Wedding Day Bridal Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Bridal Emergency Kit

Posted by WeddingPhilippines on December 01, 2014
Category: Wedding Ideas

Weddings are nothing like they used to be. Today not every person is trilled to get married. Cohabitation has gained significant popularity, as a result of which some people never get married and others do it for fun.
Anyway, a woman's wedding day is one of the greatest moments in her life. Or at least that's how it used to be. Even though traditions have changed a lot in the past decade, brides still want this day to go as smooth as possible. But nothing can be perfect without preparation. Have you thought about what supplies you're going to need on this day? Perhaps some makeup, bandages and hair ties? You want to consider this very carefully or you may get panicked just when you are supposed to be the happiest person in the world. Preparing the right supplies and placing them somewhere out of the way but close enough and always at hand will help reduce panic attacks to minimum.
Put the right things in a bag and it will save you from cosmetic peril or worse – stains on your dress! See what your bridal emergency kit should involve, according to NW6 CallCleaners.


  • Tissues – you may need to clean your face after bursting out into tears; as you know brides get very emotional on this day and it's just a matter of time for a woman to start sobbing
  • Eye-makeup remover – if the makeup on your eyes becomes a mess because you couldn't stop tears from falling down, an eye-makeup remover will be very handy (with this said, don't forget to take your makeup products and tools with you to reapply your makeup, see below)
  • Q-tips – they help add makeup, remove makeup and for many other purposes
  • Wet wipes – they come in handy in any situation


  • Sewing kit – in case something terrible happens with your wedding dress
  • Perfume, baby powder, concealer, face powder, lipstick, lip gloss, hair spray, bobby pins... and everything that comes to mind – if your curls don't look as beautiful as they did a couple of hours ago, use hair spray to reinforce them; apply concealer and face powder on your face to freshen it up a little; you want to smell good, so use your favourite perfume; apply lipstick or lip gloss after the ceremony is over (especially after the first kiss)


Generally speaking, you need all of the above mentioned products and tools. Be sure to bring them with you at the reception.
Additionally, you may want to take the following:
  • Tampons – needless to say why you need them
  • Smelling salts: in case of an accident
  • Spot remover: this is very important. As you know, during the day you'll do many things, shake hands with hundreds of people, share hugs and kisses, drink wine or champagne... A minute of inattention may get you a stain on your dress. That's certainly the worst thing that could happen on a wedding day. With all the people and all the cameras focused on you, you'd better watch out. If chocolate, powder, lipstick or wine land on your dress, you need to clean it straight away before it gets the chance to absorb in the fabric. Spot removers are sold in shops and are not expensive. Perhaps cleaning is the last thing you want to do on your wedding day, but since you may happen to spill something on your dress, you'd better be prepared with the right products and tools. Remember that this is one of the greatest days in your life. Don't let anything ruin it.

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